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Hard Out Here: a modern mikasa/annie au

Tired of the patriarchy, Mikasa and Annie take a road trip paved with conflict and enlightenment. In the style of Thelma & Louise, the dynamic duo of Mikaani recover their lives, one forgotten facet at a time.

Song - Artist
  1. Hard Out Here - Lily Allen
  2. Boring - The Pierces
  3. Stupid Girls - Pink
  4. Trouble with My Baby - Paloma Faith
  5. Homewrecker - Marina and the Diamonds
  6. Lipstick&Guilt [No Church in the Wild] - Melody Thornton
  7. Drifter - Karmin
  8. Prelude -New Sunglasses 新墨镜
  9. No Mythologies to Follow - 
  10. Donatella (Explicit) - Lady Gaga
  11. Mad - Cassie Steele
  12. Break You Hard - Natalia Kills
  13. Gold Guns Girls - Metric
  14. Warpath - Ingrid Michaelson
  15. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - Lady Gaga
  16. Enjoy the Ride (Acoustic Version) - Krewella

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Story Update: The House of the Crimson Tiger


Chapter Five: 1802, 1703

On the night of the party, Mikasa knows that there are too many things she cannot remember to feel entirely safe. Her anxiety is not assuaged by a guest speaking to her over a game of chess, telling her she knows why Mikasa was really in Liūtas twelve years ago.

Things are only compounded when she visits Annie in the night to check on her headache and she remembers everything she felt the night they first met. It takes Annie’s patience to calm her down, and she repays the kindness when she stays the night.

In the morning, a vast number of things are discussed with the returning guest, and a theory offered.

Admittedly a shorter chapter than most, but I feel the events of the chapter wrap themselves up in a compact package, and going further would overextend it.

Do enjoy!  I’ll do an AM reblog tomorrow, per protocol!


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